Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Digital Wallpaper

Over the last few years we have produced several murals digitally. There were several reasons for this. First, the damage to our necks from painting large expanses of ceiling was costing us in medical bills far beyond the pain and suffering. Second, with these graphic designs, the repeating pattern allowed Lena to paint only a 4 foot square and the ceiling paper design is created with the help of a computer while retaining the look and feel of a hand painted mural. This saves the clients money and allows them the freedom to take the paper, should they move, or replace damaged panels.

This design is based on a panel that was taken from the Chicago Stock Exchange ceiling and auctioned off by Christie's (circa 1893)

This design was based on an antique Moroccan wood-inlaid ceiling, brought to us by the designer, Lucie Beauchemin of Beauchemin Grassi Design.

Based on the "Studiolo" wood-inlaid ceiling at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The studiolo was commissioned around 1476 by the duke of Urbino, Federico da Montefeltro.

We have also reproduced panels digitally and are able to customize the print size to suit our clients' space. These panels can be framed and hung, applied to room-dividing screens or applied to the wall with a small molding to "frame" them. The "frame" can also be painted as a trompe-l'oeil. Our wallcoverings are available in many substrates from papers to canvas.

The original panel below was commissioned by Honey Collins of Honey Collins Design for her space in the Wenham Museum Designer Show House.

Date Palms, commissioned for Sue Williams Design. These original panels are in the Tryall club in Jamaica.

These French panels were commissioned by Lucie Beauchemin.

I hope you all will forgive me for posting so seldom. I have tons of material and little time. More to come soon. Sincerely, Doug