Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 151 ~ Wallpaper-a-day "Cherry Blossom"

While we were in DC we met with designer Nestor Santa-Cruze and he asked us to meet with his client while we were in town. We spent several pleasant hours in Ahna's garden showing her our sample book while a shower of Cherry blossom floated down over us. It was the height of flowering & the "National Cherry Blossom Festival" had just taken place. This enchanting experience left a lasting impression and inspired me to collect the petals from our weeping cherry to make this pattern which is 12 x 10 feet with no repeat. I can put it over any color, pattern or mural (sky).

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 150 ~ Wallpaper-a-day "Rustic Revisited"

Yesterday I was asked for a sample of "Rustic" (NA5585) by a designer and I asked her what configuration she would like. You see, all of my geometric patterns can be configured into any design. This is a little hard to explain in words so let me show you a few images to explain.

The original was just slats of weathered teak with lichen growing on them. I can take that and create squares like a paneling,

I can combine that with elongated rectangles and even change the proportion to create the illusion of foreshortening.

or, I can create a herring bone pattern like a parquet floor.

There is no limit to the ways this and other images in our collection can be changed to fit your desire, you can even use it the way I envisioned it originally, as straight up slats.

Give us your ideas and we will bring them to life. We make your ideas happen.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 149 ~ Wallpaper-a-day "East of Eden" (Install)

We have just installed our "East of Eden" wallpaper in Brooke's living room. She still has to paint below the wainscot but, now that the furniture is back in place, I wanted to share the result. This figurative wallpaper really opens up the space and makes the room feel bigger.

This scenic wall covering is a bargain, considering it is 1/2 to 1/4th the cost of painting a mural with the same detail, including the cost of installation.

Brooke and David's house is an antique colonial and offers many challenges in the creation and installation. I am especially fond of some of the strange angles.

Have you dreamt of improving your space. Give us a call. WE MAKE YOUR IDEAS HAPPEN!