Monday, January 29, 2018

Landscape Murals for RBW

We have decamped from the glacial freeze of New England to paint a sky mural and install artwork which Lena Fransioli & Brooke Sheldon painted in our studio on canvas. This installation is happening in the Raised By Wolves lounge at the Westfield UTC, San Diego. The landscapes in the lounge will be in the Hudson River School style and the art in the retail space is based on the French artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Once all the canvas is installed on the walls, our artists will continue painting on them in oils, adding the glazes that create the depth and beauty of a classical painting.

The images above and below are three quarters finished, painted with acrylic on canvas. Artist's oils will be added on location to refine and enrich the art. These paintings will go on the left and right of a fireplace in this "invitation only" speak-easy, hidden through a rotating fireplace wall in the retail space.

The retail space, which anyone may enter, with out being a chosen "hipster", will have a sky on the ceiling which blends down into the murals depicted below. These murals are also only partially finished, needing the addition of artist's oils, you can see Lena in the process in the last photo. 

Thanks for reading and happy spring.