Monday, March 28, 2016

Faux Tortoise

Working with Bryan O'Sullivan of Wellen Construction, Heidi Bianco of Celerie Kemble Design and Greg Kahler of Paper Hanging and Design, Lena Fransioli painted faux on 41 separate trim pieces, making them look like the surrounding wall coverings.

The Tortoise was the most striking and also the most time consuming.

Lena also painted Wisteria on AC vents and speaker grills. The speakers are tricky because we don't want to clog the holes and effect the sound quality. Greg suggested the solution of using compressed air to clear the holes periodically during the process.

Painting wisteria on a light box

Painted AC vent with some of the surrounding wallpaper, over which it will be installed

Thanks to my friend David Stoffregen, I am adding his photo of the light and AC Vent installed

Thanks for reading and have a happy healthy spring.