Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edward Hopper style landscape

We are currently working in Mt. Kisco, NY, restoring a landscape mural in the style of Edward Hopper. This mural was painted in 1997 by Lena Fransioli (my wife) and Brooke Sheldon (Brooke Wilson then). A few years back the wall suffered water damage and unfortunately, the mural was not painted on canvas but directly on the wall. The home owner had a local artist repaint the damaged areas and the difference in style and color between the original and the repair needed correction. The attached photo is of Lena sketching back the original layout over the slightly changed repair. Small changes in the composition can make a big difference in the flow of the mural. This mural began as a tribute to Edward Hopper, making the emphasis on the diagonal essential.

More on the floor we did last week soon.