Friday, September 6, 2013

Celebrity Series - "Street Pianos of Boston"

We were asked by Sally Wilson and John Kelsy of Wilson Kelsey Design to work with them to decorate a piano for Street Pianos of Boston, organized by the Celebrity Series of Boston. This is their 75 year and our piano will be played at the "75th Season Kick-Off Party", and will be auctioned. After much discussion about what to do with our piano I hit on the concept of covering the piano with feathers, Guinea Hen feathers to be exact. Sally and John added the idea of the Ikat runners on either side, cascading down and over the keyboard, surrounded by a gold stripe. Sally arranged for Dave Taubeneck of Fantastic Finishes to paint the piano in Benjamine Moore - Mink and prep the center with primer, to accept our wallpaper. Meanwhile I designed and printed the wallpaper. 

Below is a "sketch" of the imagined end result.

The design

Artist Luke Jerram has toured "Play Me, I'm Yours!" since 2008, placing pianos in public spaces for the enjoyment of the community. Play Me, I'm Yours! invites us all to engage with, and take ownership of our urban environment. 

The Guinea hen feathers

Zoë, our daughter, played many pianos during the "Play Me, I'm Yours" exhibit, while it was in London last year.

Ikat border

The wallpaper install went off with out a hitch and then Dave of Fantastic Finishes applied the final clear coat and reassembled the piano. Below Lena is adding gold Aqua Leaf to the edge of the border.


Please look for and when possible play the pianos around Boston from September 27th through October 14, 2013. Best, Doug & Lena