Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 2 ~ WALLPAPER-A-DAY Tea Paper Chinoiserie

Tea Paper Chinoiserie

This beautiful Chinoiserie mural was hand painted by Lena Fransioli and Brooke Sheldon. Chinoiserie allows a decorative expression of figurative work in a controlled design, implying the space of the great outdoors. These design elements bring nature into a managed environment, allowing the designer to place them on the color of their choice. 

This example is over 26 feet long & we keep adding to it.

You can explore a "Gigapan" version of this wallpaper at this link: Tea Paper Chinoiserie Gigapan
There you will be able to zoom in to the most minute detail on any part of the mural. Please make it "full screen" for the best experience.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 1 ~ WALLPAPER A DAY - Dragons

I have decided to post a "wallpaper a day" into the foreseeable future. When we are traveling or on an intensive project I may miss a few but let's see if I can keep it up for a year, at least.

For starters, we have chosen the Peabody Essex Museum - Dragons (DE4338). This pattern is taken directly from a detail in a Chinese watercolor painted in 1730. The standard repeat size, pictured here, is 12'w x 11.75'h.

PEM Dragons wallpaper - installed

As with all our archival giclée wallpapers, PEM Dragons is available in custom sizing and color. Below are three examples of the millions of possible colors available to fit with your decor. If you send us color swatches, we can work with your colors directly in creating a custom sample.

PEM Dragons Wallpaper
Peabody Essex Museum_Dragons-Cool (DE4338)
PEM Dragons Wallpaper
Peabody Essex Museum_Dragons-Warm (DE4338)
PEM Dragons Wallpaper
Peabody Essex Museum_Dragons-Neutral (DE4338)
Thank you for following my occasional posts. I hope to impress you with our newest, and some older creations. Tomorrow, something from Lena Fransioli & Brooke Sheldon's scenic wallpapers.