Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 153 ~ Wallpaper-a-day "Peonies"

Some of you may remember my post with photos of Mona's garden "Spring in the Garden". This year I am attempting to take full advantage of living with such a beautiful and mature perennial garden outside my back door. Last week I posted some garish roses, today something a little subtler.  Peonieseach flower is 20” across with beads of dew and occasional ants. Beautiful from afar, for Lena,  then look closely at the details, now I’m interested. So it makes everybody happy, at least in my household.. I can’t wait to hang this one.

These details can't show the amazing luminous quality these large scale flowers have and there is no repeat for 32 inches and then it does a half drop. You have to see it to believe it.

The pattern below represents a 9 foot by 15 foot wall. The painted black figure, for size reference, was painted by our daughter, Zoë Fransioli.

For more fun, explore our "GigaPan" of this wall covering.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Day 152 ~ Wallpaper-a-day "Rose"

Roses are not always red and these roses, with their red and yellow, have a vibrant orange look. The image below represents an 11 foot high wall. At full size the larger roses in this pattern are nearly 20" across, you can have any size that suits you though.

Bring some fun and zest into your interior with the natural beauty of nature with Zoë Design wall coverings.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

An Inside Look at Ordering Zoë Design Custom Wallpaper.

I just shipped our Malachite Verde wallpaper to Miles Redd, New York just 3 days after they OK’d the color proof. IU thought I would tell you about the process that goes into these wallpapers. Reilly, at the Miles Redd Design office, contacted me 6 months ago with elevations for a powder room

 and asked for a quote. I provided a proposal based on the square footage in the provided elevations.

Last week I got a check in the mail from Miles’s office in the amount specified in the proposal I sent last year. I contacted Reilly and said I had some questions, 1) would Miles like the scale at the standard 7.2” repeat or could we create a new large scale Malachite with no repeats for this project?

2) Reilly asked me to include the ceiling. Printed in the standard way, the ceiling pattern will not line up with all the walls. Lena suggested I cut the ceiling into four triangular pieces so each wall would continue onto the ceiling with no break in the pattern. Would they like that? 

While I waited for answers to these questions, I printed and shipped a color strike off. Reilly emailed me with the answers, “standard repeat and size and no triangles on ceiling”. I got to work on the design to figure out the number and size of all the panels.

 I printed the wallpaper in 5 - 42” panels plus a short one above the door and one for the ceiling. 

Each panel is labeled, in this case there are A/B drops which must be alternated for a seamless pattern. 

 In the case of a mural or no repeat pattern they would be numbered sequentially.

They are mostly dry when the come out of the printer, but I like to lay them out over night, when there is time before trimming,  rolling, 

 packaging and shipping.

  In the package I include a note to the paper hanger, in this case Ronnie Martin of Chase Paperhanging, detailing the size number and repeat and giving a link to our “Hanging Instructions” on the web site.

Our literature states that we will ship within two weeks of acceptance of color strike off. This paper was in the installers hands in five days. Rielly promised me photos of the final install, I will post them when they arrive.