Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mural for the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm

Our daughter Zoë attended the Beverly Waldorf School for years. Since then, the school has moved their campus to a larger and better facility at Moraine Farm in Beverly. 

Our friend and client Jonathan Poore of Poore & Co. assisted the Waldorf School with campus planning and interior design at the new facility. The concept for the lobby / hallway, depicting shadows cast from children at different life stages in a color wash was a story telling exercise meant to convey the “Developmental Journey” from early childhood to eighth grade. 

The entry tree is a welcoming and sheltering gesture.

The first box and mural images represent early childhood.

Second box and images portrays grade school.

And finally, the box at the end of the hall and happy teen shadow illustrates middle school.

We love working with Jonathan because of his impeccable taste, keen sense of conceptual design and especially color.

Lena was assisted in bringing Jonathan’s vision to life by Kasia Mirowska of Miro Art & Design.