Sunday, September 27, 2009


OK I haven't added to the blog in ages, but, I will try to be more consistant.

We are planning a job in Palm Desert for December. We will be doing Marmorino plaster on the walls, glazing walls, painting a mural and many hundreds of square feet of stenciled ceilings.

For the "Casita" or Guest Living Room ceiling I came up with a stencil pattern based on the fabric & wallpaper the designer, Jessup Design Inc, supplied. The lighter color in the graphic represents copper. This will go between rough wood beams.

The Living Room, Great Room and Kitchen share a ceiling, also with rough wood beams. Based on the fabrics in the room we chose a pattern from a 15th century Montefeltro wood inlaid ceiling. The ceiling is now on display in the Met. NYC. I created a stencil and Lena added some oil paint shading & highlighting on top. I then photographed it and created a repeat. We can now have it printed on canvas and hung like wallpaper. This will greatly reduce the time and cost of hand painting over 1000 square feet of ceiling.

I will write more & post photos in December. Christmas in Southern California again, sounds good. Though I spent 28 years of my life in SoCal it has been 14 years since I was there for Dec. 25th. I think we will spend the day on the beach.

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