Friday, April 2, 2010

More Murals

We are currently wrapping up our most recent project in Boston. We have painted on Azek panels a bucolic landscape, which will go behind a frame on the roof deck against the brick wall of the building next door.

There is a sky on the ceiling in the family room.

One of the bedrooms will be very French.

The entry and dining room is in progress now.

And finally the media room is another example of using technology to every ones benefit. The designer, Lucie Beauchemin, came to us with a tear sheet from a magazine. The ceiling in this image is Moroccan but we couldn't make out what the pattern was.

I used it as reference to design a pattern and Lena painted a 35 inch "tile" in colors which work with the interior design of the room.

I will scan that "tile" and repeat the pattern with my computer and have it printed on 36" strips by White Light Digital. This paper is wet strength wallpaper, printed with archival inks tested to be stable for 200 years. If a panel is damaged years from now it can be replaced from our digital files.

Finally, the wallpaper will be hung by Greg Kahler of PHD, who, hung a 20 foot mural on canvas for us in Latitude 43 Restaurant & Bar in Gloucester, MA. The whole process will be the subject of a special on New England Dream House. More to come when all is finished.

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