Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 100 ~ Design Your Own Wallpaper

The future of wallpaper is digital. With the advent of high quality archival on demand printing, why would anyone choose from what is on the shelf. Over the last 100 days I have shown you a large cross section of styles and subject matter.

Is there a problem we can solve with a custom wall covering? What wallpaper does not exist? There is no limit on vision, what's next? 

Share your ideas with us. If your concept is chosen, we will involve you in the design process from beginning to end and give you 25% off your first order of the resulting wallpaper. I'll even name it after you, if you like.

This exotic wall covering pattern of burnt sienna and green/yellow polished rock has the feel of stained glass or a Klimpt painting detail.

Rain Forest (DE0451)

Detail 1

Detail 2

Pattern repeat, this image represents a 9 foot high wall.

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