Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 16 ~ WALLPAPER-A-DAY "Chicago"


Four years ago, we were approached by a client with a Christie’s catalogue. The book depicted a stenciled panel from the trading room of the Chicago Stock Exchange, Circa 1893. Our client, we will call him John, wanted the ceiling of his library covered with this pattern. 

Our necks were becoming very painful from 20+ years of painting ceilings and this seemed the perfect opportunity to save our nape and save John money, by having Lena paint a 4x4 foot panel and reproducing it in wallpaper. This was the second time we used wallpaper as a solution and the result was stunning.

Lena painted the first panel in our studio and we took it to Vermont and taped it to the ceiling. After much discussion and wine, John and Lena decided on the necessary color and style adjustments. We made full sized digital prints of the original, taped them to the ceiling, brought them back to the studio, painted on the prints, scanned the painted prints and re-printed them three times before everyone was completely happy with the result. John loved the more blue version above while Lena liked the green/yellow version below (more like the original).

The original 1893 panel sold for over $20,000.00 and though our wallpaper is not an antique collectable yet, it is more than 150 times the size of the original.

A stack of four painted giclée prints on the studio floor.

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