Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 7 ~ WALLPAPER-A-DAY "Dragon Scale, Dragon Hyde"

Dragon Scale (Dragon Hyde NA1071)

This dramatic pattern looks like a detailed pastel chalk and pencil piece of art when, in fact, it is created from a close up photograph of a Margate's body. The photo was taken January 2014 in the Bahamas aboard the trimaran Triad, out of Gloucester, MA. Lena and I were guests aboard the boat under Capt. Tom Robinson-Cox. Tom is an accomplished fine art photographer and sailor. The margate was not only a beautiful fish, he was delicious.

This pattern is available with a thin stripe or more subtle coloring
 Or in with a thicker stripe and more coloring.
And, even no stripe at all. Do you see what I mean, it looks like a fine pencil drawing?
Today, I worked on a dragonfly's wing, hope to get it ready for the blog soon. Thanks for checking out my creations. 

And here are a few snap shots from that Bahamas trip, I love my work ;-)

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