Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 83 ~ Wallpaper-a-day "Dragonfly Wing"

I have been fascinated with dragonflies since I was a kid and their wings are amazing. Did you know that a dragonfly can fly backwards, up, down, forward and even upside down?

This is my favorite version of our Dragonfly Wing series. (NA2703)

Up close it has an etherial look and you really get the details in the wing.

This pattern can be produced in virtually any color way (NA2703-B)

Here is how I did it, starting with a pattern made from a single wing.

I felt it was too geometric and didn't have the organic feel that I got from the insect, so I cut in a detail to fatten the "wing"

Once I was satisfied with the shape and design, I added the splatter paint background and tweaked the colors, hue and levels to reach the final picks.

Let me flash back to the origin of this pattern. Several years ago I started playing with a macro photograph of a dragonflies wing, creating a pattern and placed it over a green glaze finish. This version has a fairly small 17" x 10" repeat.

 Then I enlarged the pattern to 37" x 16" and tried it in front of a pink Marmorino plaster finish.

You can have any of the wing designs above or a new pattern from the wing over virtually any base color of texture.

Thanks for reading this far & best wishes.

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