Sunday, March 25, 2018

Immersive Panoramic Mural Papers

Today, I am talking about a cool site called GigaPan which hosts some exceedingly beautiful photographic work of enormous proportion. The images on this site create an immersive, high-resolution panoramic experience. You can find an image and zoom in, from a photo of the mountains to a man’s face as he stands across the valley. I am using this technique to record our murals and create Zoë Design mural papers.
I have several new additions to our line of scenic mural papers and I have placed the gigapixel images at the gigapan website. Today I will give you a quick lesson on navigating the site to get the most from the imagery. After you have seen our murals, I know you will enjoy looking around the site at the work of other talented artists. You can search by name, content or category.
Google “garrabrants gigapan” and click on any link starting with “gigapan”. From there, you can scroll through my images, mostly of Lena and Brooke’s murals. Find one you like and click on it. Or, better yet, go directly to our “Bella Donna Chionois”. On the right, you will see your image navigation, zoom in and out, full screen and zoom all the way out. I like to make it full screen, preferably on a large monitor. On the bottom left are “snapshots”, this is a good place to start, or just double click or use the + - navigation tools to find your own favorite spot to zoom in to. If you want to go back and pick a different image, click on my name (top left) . Feel free to leave a comment below the description.
If these links are just too much, here are some pretty photos, with out the "bells and whistles". This mural paper has a repeat at about 27'.
Entire mural

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