Friday, March 30, 2018

Paysage Grisaille - Immersive Mural Papers

This is my second in a series about new scenic mural papers available from Zoë Design. All our scenic and figurative mural papers were originally painted by Brooke Sheldon and Lena Fransioli.

Technically, the word grisaille refers to the “grey scale”, but in art, over time, it has come to mean a painting done in a monochromatic palette, or a study of the relationship of values (light-dark) verses hues (colors). Thus, a grisaille painting can be anything from work all in white, gray, and black, to pieces in various sepias. In this case we have played with both “warm” and “cool” sepias, with the addition of just a hint of blue for water and sky, which adds life to the mural, while still letting it sit back in the room.

This French landscape in grisaille has a 530” repeat with more to be added in the future. 

Please enjoy exploring the GigaPan, or the photos below.

Cheers, Doug

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